solipsistic super-collider

It is theorized that it is possible for us to create entire new universes by shooting sub-atomic particles at each other in something called a super-collider. If / when these things hit each other, it is hypothesized that matter is actually created (think 1+1=3) and this begins a chain reaction, from that point of impact, that expands at the speed of light, leaving everything we know and understand in its wake.
I’m not so sure we need all that stuff.
It can be argued that all of existence is purely of mental construct, this branch of philosophy is called Solipsism.  Typically in philosophical bouts, this has served primarily as a skeptical hypothesis, kind of a perennial devil’s advocate. I would like to posit, however, that this theory can actually serve as a springboard for creation.
If all of existence takes place within the confines of your conscientiousness, (which is impossible to either prove or disprove) then the resulting logic would indicate that within the mental process of exploring and creating personal narratives and meaning lies the potential to actually create reality.
In these pieces, the visual examination of the work, the individual drive to figure it out, to understand it, activates the piece. It starts the reaction. In exploring and engaging with the work you are creating it, you are making your own matter, you are constructing your own universe, expanding it as far as you care to take it.
You don’t need a super-collider.
You are your own deity.

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