a posteriori

A Posteriori: Tracing Divergent Histories through Time and Place

a priori

Memory and history are, in theory, two sides of the same coin.
The former is a personal recollection of an event, and the latter, is an official aggregate of multiple individuals’ memories and artifacts that when assembled together, construct the accepted series of events.

solipsistic super-collider

In these pieces, the visual examination of the work, the individual drive to figure it out, to understand it, activates the piece. It starts the reaction. In exploring and engaging with the work you are creating it, you are making your own matter, you are constructing your own universe, expanding it as far as you care to take it.


This series of prints were developed as a continuation of some technical drawing pieces I had done in which logical and callous imagery, in this case nuts and bolts, were distorted through the process of simply executing these projections. The resulting derivations are caricatures of the functionality and purpose of which the original icons represented.